How it Works

Vescent Labs Inc. spent 4 years researching, testing and developing STOP PMS. This U.S. patent pending, proprietary formula is guaranteed to work better than ANY other PMS product, including common over the counter pain relievers, medications and prescription drugs. If you’re one of those people or you know someone who has tried every possibility for PMS relief and has given up, STOP PMS is the answer you’ve been hoping for. Whether the symptoms mild or severe there is no reason to ever suffer again with PMS. STOP PMS unique delivery system allows the organic herbal concentrates, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and amino acids to be absorbed quickly. When used on an empty stomach, relief starts in as soon as 10 minutes.

Herbalist & University Professor Cathy McNease discusses key ingredients.

STOP PMS has 28 specific active ingredients that work synergistically to address every the negative effects PMS has on the body and mind.

STOP PMS works with your body by:
  • Using a naturally occurring hormone and organic herbal hormone precursors.
  • Replenishing lost PMS specific vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes.
  • Using key amino acids to balance brain chemicals and neurotransmitters that effect mood.
  • Using highly concentrated organic herbal extracts that are prescribed by medical doctors in European countries to treat specific symptoms of PMS.
  • Replenishing depleted minerals.
  • Using clinically proven ingredients.

Interviews with Dr. Jani Meissner-Frisk about STOP PMS.

STOP PMS is the only product that addresses the root cause of each PMS symptom, whether it be cramps, fatigue, bloating, moodiness, irritability or any other debilitating symptoms. STOP PMS contains a blend of ingredients to help relieve these symptoms. STOP PMS treats symptoms and does not cover up them up like painkillers and drugs.